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Benefits of Waterjet Cutting on Fabrication

by profusionusa

The Appeal of Waterjet Cutting for Fabrication

Waterjet cutting is a versatile tool that more businesses are using to make incredible products. With a high-pressure water stream, companies can cut through a wide variety of materials without heating them. Even though the process has been around for decades, recent developments in technology have given manufacturers more options than ever. That can be a huge money saver because you get to skip paying for all of the thermal distortions that occur in most machine parts. The cutting process places less stress on products being made and the machines that make them. When you need fast, detailed cutting, waterjet cutting can deliver the results you expect.

The Strength of Waterjet Cutting

Makers, and specifically manufacturing companies, are always looking for the most effective process that gives the best results. Many companies are turning to waterjet cutting because the strength of the water stream can cut through virtually any material without thermal stressing or producing any noxious gases. Manufacturers routinely use waterjet cutting on rubber, metals, glass, stone, and plastic. It works amazingly well on flat and uneven surfaces.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

We know manufacturers are more environmentally conscious than ever. It’s the new standard that partners, employees, and clients expect. This drive to protect the environment has led to creative new tools like waterjet tools that produce very little waste. The precision of waterjet tools allows manufacturers to use raw materials better because they cut in greater detail. There’s no thermal process or heating error to account for with waterjets as well.

Avoid Material Distortion

The system uses water to cut materials, so there’s little to no heat generated in the manufacturing process. That means your finished products match your initial product design very closely. You don’t have to make allowances for distortion that occurs through heating and cooling the material, sometimes multiple times. With waterjet cutting, you can create products that have unique shapes and require high levels of detail without concern. A lot of manufacturers are immediately impressed with how well water jetting gets the job done. There’s also no finishing process because cuts are so precise. That saves you time and money in the manufacturing process.


Modern manufacturers are turning to waterjet cutting for exact cuts that save on raw materials. There are fewer safety hazards, and your finished products look fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a standout product sample or need to implement a highly detailed production process, waterjet cutting offers the versatility and quality results you need. If it’s versatility and quality you’re after, allow Profusion to meet all your fabricating needs.

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