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Examining the Trajectory and Application of Waterjet Cutting

by profusionusa

Water-Jet Cutting

Water-jet or waterjet cutting is done with an industrial tool that can cut various materials. This tool uses an extremely high-pressure jet of water. In some units, there is a mixture of water along with an abrasive material. When an abrasive is used, it is often referred to as an abrasive jet. The waterjet tools or abrasive jets use an abrasive to cut through more hardened materials such as granite or metal.

A pure waterjet is used to manufacture machine parts and is often used for cutting materials that are sensitive to high temperatures. Various industries use waterjet cutting, including aerospace and mining, to shape, cut, and reuse.

History of Water-Jet Cutting

Back in the mid-1800s, high-pressure water was used for erosion when hydraulic mining was done. By the 1930s, it had been discovered narrow jets of water were beneficial for use as a mechanical cutting device. In 1933 a paper metering, reeling, and cutting machine was designed to move a waterjet nozzle horizontally across a paper sheet diagonally. These earlier machines were restricted for use with soft materials, such as paper.

By the post-war era, research was done to invent new methods of efficient cutting machines. In 1956 a method was found to cut plastic shapes using a thin stream, high-pressure, and waterjet. Again, this was used with soft materials, such as paper. It wasn’t until 1958 that a system was designed with an ultra-high-pressure liquid capable of cutting hard materials.

Technology kept advancing in the design of waterjet usage. By the 1970s, the development of the high-pressure fluid intensifier was introduced and was further refined by 1976. A high-pressure pump was researched and combined with a waterjet nozzle to bring waterjet cutting to the manufacturing industry.


Water-Jet Cutting Today

Waterjet cutting today is used from jewelry to aerospace projects and can produce a variety of products you would probably never imagine possible. OMAX waterjet cutting tools can be used for:

  • Education– The waterjet cutting machine can be used for research or training as a learning tool in trade schools, high schools, universities, or colleges. These tools have significant importance in your physics and engineering labs. 
  • Testing– Your traditional CNC machine will impart heat and add coolants or oils. These machines can leave burr marks on your materials. If you use an EDM, laser, or plasma saw, you risk imparting some heat levels that you will be forced to deal with during the secondary process of your production. If you use the OMAX waterjet machine, it will not impart any heat, so no secondary process will be necessary. When using the machine at a slow speed, you are ensured a smooth finish on your product. 
  • WorkShops– The OMAX waterjet machines will give your shop the ability to machine or cut many materials. These machines will produce with the precision and speed you need in these industries.
  • Aerospace– Waterjet technology is significant in the aerospace industry for use in landing gear to space exploration. The multi-axis, high-precision, abrasive waterjets have proven extremely beneficial in the aerospace industry.
  • Food Processing Equipment– OMAX waterjet machines work in the food processing equipment from the making of orange juice for breakfast to creating fish fillets for dinners. These machines are capable of making many of the favorite food dishes you serve.

A waterjet machine offers you an affordable, flexible method of cutting your materials. These machines can cut virtually any material, and some have even reported cutting materials up to eighteen inches thick. The waterjet process of cutting will emit no harmful vapors, and the tool will never get dull. To learn more, Profusion can answer all your questions at https://profusionusa.com/.