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Once You Try Water-Jet Cutting, You’ll Never Go Back

by profusionusa

6 Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process that gives you quality cuts and eliminates the need for burr-removing finishes. The waterjet machine can be used to cut soft materials like foam or paper, but it can also be used to cut ceramics and metals to size. 

In the case of soft materials, you can use pure waterjet cutting— you only use the waterjet pressure to cut. On the other hand, hard surfaces require abrasive waterjet cutting, which involves adding granular abrasives to the water stream for easy cutting and precision. Here are six benefits of waterjet cutting;


Waterjet cutting can be applied widely in fabrication work. There is no limit to what this technology can do. You can use your waterjet cutting machine to cut concrete, wood, foam, rubber, paper, and heavy blocks of metal— like an anvil. You only have to know when to use abrasive waterjet cutting versus pure waterjet cutting

The versatility of its application means that once you have the machine, it eliminates the need for buying other cutting tools that are material-specific. 

Cold Cutting Enhances Precision 

Fabricators love waterjet cutting because it’s a cold process. Waterjet cutting eliminates the chances of spoiling your materials as a result of heat. No material will lose its edge to heat-related waste like burning, melting, or cracking. Besides, cold cutting gives precise cuts but also keeps you from the risk of burns. 

Allows you to Cut Materials into Shapes

Waterjet cutting isn’t only versatile because it can cut almost any material. It also allows you to cut materials in more complex shapes. You can poke holes into your materials, cut it into separate parts, create bevels, sharp edges, and round edges, among other shapes. 

Minimizes Material Waste

Waterjet cutting maximizes the use of your materials because it doesn’t leave waste. You can cut the material to precision; you, therefore, save the bits that could have gone to waste if you used other methods. It minimizes kerf, and that is a sure way to use every bit of the material.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Since waterjet cutting reduces kerf, it leaves no trail of waste materials that negatively impact the environment. This not only makes your processes eco-friendly but also saves you money in waste disposal. With waterjet cutting, you won’t need to keep a heap of badly cut scrap metal waste in your yard. 

Also, the cold cutting technology doesn’t leave a trail of fumes and hazardous gases that might affect workers’ health and harm the surrounding. Worldwide, industries are becoming more environmentally conscious. You can make your contribution by choosing environmentally friendly industrial processes like waterjet cutting. 

Enhances Productivity

Waterjet cutting reduces downtime as a result of machine failure. The cold cutting process eliminates thermal stress that is common in traditional cutting methods. Besides, you can stack materials and cut them at once, allowing you to do more with less time and energy. 

Since waterjet cutting eliminates burrs, you will save a lot of time because you won’t need to refine the finishes. Deburring isn’t a process you waste your time on when you choose waterjet cutting. Once it’s cut, you’re ready to move to the next process of your fabrication work.

In summary, waterjet cutting gives you many advantages over using traditional methods of cutting. It saves you time and makes fabrication work more progressive— little time is wasted in correcting machine errors. Besides, no one loves to lose materials in large kerfs, waterjet cutting maximizes material use, and that saves the environment and boosts your profit margin.  It’s all the above reasons and more on why ProfusionUSA completes many of its metal fabrication projects with water-jet cutting. Their portfolio speaks for itself; if you’re in need of custom metal fabrication, give ProfusionUSA a look at https://profusionusa.com/.